Work on your books' marketing even if you have earned a reputation among others and have a significant readership! Book marketing is part of your promotional services, which increases your support network. It is not necessary that each time your book gets launched, the same massive group of people will come out to support your book-selling business. They might start feeling your book's marketing services dull or might lose interest in your book's content. So, to keep them engaged, we provide book marketing services to encourage readers to buy your books. Our book marketing experts believe book promotion services as an investment for the books. So, our experts incorporate the following factors in its book marketing services:


Making smart updates in the content of books

We rank among the top book marketing companies because we pay attention to those factors you might find irrelevant but are highly important. We consider the time-sensitive material of your book and provide continuous updates.

Custom book marketing strategies

Publicize your books in front of the right audience! Our book marketing experts can create a customized marketing plan for you. We are among the top book marketing companies because of our expertise in working according to clients' demands. We collect information from our clients when the accounts managers handle the projects and then do our research. We combine all the information, add a creative element to make it engaging, and customize it for the client.


Establishing trust between the client and the business! It establishes a good relationship between the two and improves the business's sales. One can also experience a quality of customer service that prevents the team from getting into serious issues related to work.

Setting the target

Once you get to know your target market, you can easily produce content for them! Book promotion services emphasize book covers' writing style and convert them into your customers. Book marketing and promotion are mainly to expand your target audience.

Improving sales and giving an exposure

Book promotion services help boost book sales. Our book marketing experts ensure your book gets maximum exposure and sales. We provide our book marketing services for Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter marketing.

No late delivery of the project

We are among the top book marketing companies because of several reasons. Apart from making updates to the book's content, we avoid delivering the project late to our customers. Book promotion services are proficient in on-time delivery and consistency.

Book Marketing services at affordable prices

Improve your book's visibility on search engines with our book marketing services! EBook marketing services cover everything from book formatting, editing, and promotional campaigns to increasing its outreach via various platforms. A book marketing company offers an effective way of gaining exposure and earning profit.

Making promotional videos, endorsements, and publishing to spread the word

Our marketing experts promote your books in various ways! Book marketing plays a massive role in a book's success because it captivates the reader’s attention. A professional book marketer makes your book audience-friendly and gets it published on Amazon if the client approves. We also apply SEO strategies to promote your books and distribute them online through major eBook platforms. We ask different well-known authors and book enthusiasts to make promotional videos for your book's launch.

No disclosure of your confidential information

That's why we rank among the top book marketing companies. We collect data from clients but guard their privacy. Book promotion services contact clients but do not take negative advantage of their details.


Providing authors with services to let them say ‘’Advertising my book and improving its visibility! Book marketing for authors requires planning and effort to compete with the other books. You need to engage with the audience and identify your target audience to sell more books. EBook marketing services for authors work mainly through social media platforms. Our experts post their books on websites to let them receive more traffic along with the reviews. This way, you can get an insight into your reader's choices and their preference for the genres. Book advertising services ensure hiring a great cover designer as it impacts your sales. We believe attractive and polished covers create a brand image of the books and encourage readers to buy them.


We value our customers!
We offer book marketing for authors if they need to make books available for preorder sales. You can give your project to our company for eBook marketing services and make your blog posts easy to share to reach higher readability. We provide book advertising services to improve your sales or build a brand image. We know a successful business sustains in the competitive market due to customers. Our marketing experts develop innovative strategies for your growth. You can call 973-833-4280 or email us at to discuss our pricing.

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From client communication and custom book marketing strategies to smart updates in the content of books, Ghostwriting Hub is a pro!
Time to open the door to more buyers of your book by properly marketing it. The author and his marketing team will create a strategy that covers how the book is presented and how conversations with customers and potential customers are approached. We know how to make pitches to people who have a platform of influence and how to approach other businesses who could help promote the book.


Writing, designing, publishing, and promoting an eBook to let you create any book you envision. You can also incorporate the book into your company's content marketing strategy. We use various professional creative assets to assist in developing an engaging marketing strategy that is right for your brand.
You can improve your book's visibility with our marketing services. We will create a strategy and unique tactics that support that objective. On the sales side, we aim to help you get the most out of each sale. We are one of the best book marketing businesses. Client data is gathered, but we respect their privacy. Services for book promotion create a connection with customers but do not misuse their information. Connect with us today and fill out the form to get insights into your project.